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Company Introduction

Global Halal Assurance Pvt. Ltd. (GHA) has its Head Offices in Karachi and Regional Offices in Faisalabad and Islamabad. Established solely with service objectives of promoting Halal consumption globally, GHA is a Private Limited Company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under the Companies Ordinance, 1984.

Mission & Vision

The mission of GHA is to promote, facilitate and assure consumption of Halal by Muslims all over the world. Our vision is to provide credible professional services of international standard for certifying, monitoring, promoting, and assuring Halal food and consumer products the world over in accordance with Shariah (Islamic law) so as to enable Muslims to exercise their right to consume only Halal with assurance and comfort.

Corporate Management

The GHA operates under its Board of Directors and overall guidance of its strong Shariah Advisory Board (SAB) comprising leading Muftis (Islamic Scholars) working for well recognized Darul-Ulooms (Islamic Seminaries) all over Pakistan covering various Schools of Islamic Thought. The founding Directors of GHA bring in a unique blend of relevant qualifications and rich experience in the areas of Shariah, Standards and Compliances, Quality Assurance & Control, Food Processing, International Trade, Engineering, and Management. All of GHA’s Directors are directly involved with day-to-day operations of the company.

The GHA ensures achievement of highest standards of work through hands-on involvement of the SAB members with its operations on an ongoing basis. Thus GHA’s SAB members are regularly involved with the actual certification and consultancy work, a key feature that distinguishes GHA from other such organizations.

Shariah Advisory Board

The members of GHA’s Shariah Advisory Board are Islamic scholars well recognized both domestically and internationally. The Shariah Advisory Board is regularly consulted on Shariah matters and is the final authority at the GHA in all Shariah related matters. Besides furnishing regular advice on Shariah related matters, the SAB also provides dynamic linkages between GHA and concerned Darul-Ulooms. Following are some of the key members of the SAB of GHA:

    • Mufti Abdul Mannan: One of the most experienced Shari’ah Scholars of our era. He did his Shari’ah graduation (Fazil Dars-e-Nizami) & Takhassus-fil-Fiqh (Mufti, i.e. Specialization in Islamic Fiqh & Fatawa) from Jamiah Darul-Uloom Karachi. He has been Teaching Islamic Studies at Jamiah Darul-uloom Karachi for more than two decades and is also serving as Vice Mufti at Darul-Ifta, Jamiah Darul-uloom, Karachi. He has a very unique blend of contemporary Islamic Sciences and Fatwa writing.


    • Mufti Zubair Ashraf Usmani: Dr. Muhammad Zubair Ashraf Usmani is a highly qualified and one of the most experienced Shari’ah Scholars in the Islamic Banking Industry. He did his Shari’ah graduation (Fazil Dars-e-Nizami) & Takhassus-fil-Fiqh (Mufti, i.e. Specialization in Islamic Fiqh & Fatawa) from Jamiah Darul-Uloom, Karachi. He has a Masters in international Relations and a Doctorate (Phd) in Islamic Finance from the University of Karachi. He has been serving as Shari’ah Advisor for leading Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (MCB Islamic Bank, UBL Islamic Bank – sitting Chairman Shari’ah Board, State Bank of Pakistan, MCB Arif Habib Savings, Pak Qatar General Takaful, etc.).

Affiliations & Linkages

Global Halal Assurance operates in active collaboration with the Halal Awareness and Research Council of Pakistan (HARC) under a joint Memorandum of Understanding to ensure continued availability of latest research and trainings, state of the art systems and procedures, and widespread recognition and linkages with a large number of domestic and international organizations that actively collaborate with HARC. The systems, procedures, and criteria used by GHA for its halal certification and consultancy operations are in alignment with the overall Shariah/ Halal guidelines and criteria developed by HARC that have wide international recognition.Besides furnishing regular advice on Shariah related matters, the Shariah Advisory Board of the GHA also provides dynamic linkages between GHA and several Darul-Ulooms of various Islamic schools of thought to which the Muftis on the SAB belong. The GHA also enjoys additional linkages with a large number of Darul-Ulooms all over Pakistan through HARC that has developed its Halal Food Management System Guidelines in consultation with the following  Darul-Ulooms:

  1. Darul-Uloom, Karachi
  2. Jamiatul-Uloomul-lslamia, Binori Town, Karachi
  3. Jamia Farooqia, Karachi
  4. Madrasa lbne-Abbas, Karachi
  5. Jamia Binoria, SITE, Karachi
  6. Jamia Naeemia, Karachi
  7. Jamiatur-Rasheed, Karachi
  8. Jamia Abu Bakar, Karachi
  9. Darul-Aloom Amjadia, Karachi
  10. Darul-Aloom Hanfia, Karachi
  11. Jamiah Ashrafia, Lahore
  12. Darul-lfta & Research, Lahore
  13. Jamia lmdadia, Faisalabad
  14. Khair-ul Madaris, Multan
  15. Darul Aloom, Karbirwala
  16. Talim-ul-Quran, Rawalpindi
  17. Darul-Aloom-Haqnia, Akora Khatak
  18. Jamia  Usmania, Peshawar
  19. Jamia Talimiyat lslamia, Faisalabad
  20. Jamia Dar ul Quran Faisalabad
  21. Markez Uloome-lslamia (Mansorah), Lahore
  22. Jamiatul-Muntazer, Lahore