GHA Halal Certification

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Certification Process

  • A company interested in obtaining halal certification through GHA needs to complete a prescribed application form requesting halal supervision and certification furnishing relevant details. Main steps leading to halal certification of a facility by GHA follow:
  • Expression of interest from company for obtaining halal certification and GHA’s consent.
  • Company to provide a list of all the products produced by it.
  • Company to provide a complete list of all the raw materials, ingredients, and processes used in the production of all/ each of the products produced at their plant/ facility.
  • Identification of products and facilities that the company wants to get halal certified.
  • Formal proposal from GHA covering scope and terms for undertaking certification.
  • Signing of an agreement by the company with GHA as a token of acceptance of terms for the halal certification and provision of full information and access to GHA for initial and subsequent audit(s)/ inspection(s) of facilities for physical assessments.
  • Initial screening, audit & evaluation of the information by GHA and relevant clarifications.
  • Physical inspection and audit of the facilities by GHA through prior appointment.
  • Issuance of halal certificate by GHA for one year and authorization for use of its logo on labels of certified halal products during currency of the certification.
  • Establishment and documentation of the Halal Assurance System (HAS) at the production facility / plant by the company in consultation with GHA including appointment of an internal halal auditor/ coordinator and a team to implement an ongoing Halal Assurance System.
  • Submission of six monthly (biannual) report of Halal Assurance System Implementation by the company to GHA during currency of the halal certificate.

Why GHA Halal Certification?

Following are important considerations that make GHA a preferable choice for achieving halal certification:

  • A professionally managed company providing halal certification services of international standard based on HARC’s Shariah guidelines and criteria that have wide international and domestic recognition.
  • With its exceptionally strong Shariah Advisory Board comprising over 15 Mufti’s actively engaged with leading Darul-Ulooms of Pakistan covering various schools of Islamic thought and a huge repository of Fatawa (Islamic rulings) and Research work available through HARC, GHA is best equipped to handle the most complex of halal certification, consultancy, and research jobs.
  • With the diverse set of expertise of its Directors managing the company operations, GHA offers a wide range of services under one roof covering diverse areas such as Shariah, Standards and Compliances, Quality Assurance & Control, Food Processing, International Marketing/ Trade, Engineering, Environmental Management, etc.
  • Through its active affiliation with HARC and dynamic linkages with leading Darul-Ulooms of Pakistan through its Shariah Advisory Board, HARC is always up-to-date on latest R&D and Islamic rulings in the field of halal.